empowering TALENT



from career

to baby

and back again

WHAT EXPERIENCE DO YOU WANT your parent talent


We ask because without intention, you have nothing but luck, chance and default experience to rely on.

And we know from the 83% of talent who return way less confident and feeling career compromised that route isn’t working out so well for anyone.

We also know that flexible working and generous leave policies are amazing..yet only part of the bigger picture.

By enabling the talent who shape your business to have better maternity, paternity and parental leave experiences, you are WAY more likely to see them not only return, but to continue to lead and shape your business. Without the overwhelm. With way less guilt.

Sound good? Great, read on. 

Culture, Coaching

& rocket fuel 

What if maternity leave (and all its equivalent forms) could be a massive opportunity for you, and for your talent? What would that look like?

Policies are important. Flexible working too.

But what if we could re-write the approaches that create awkwardness, assumptions, frustration and risk?

What if you could ensure that this pivotal point in your talent’s career, could be met with personal and professional development like never before? 

What if you could give your organisation the best possible chance to welcome back talent ready and set up to continue their leadership journey in your organisation?


Make Your Policies Work Harder

The small moments in employee experience can often overshadow generous policies and define outcomes.  Get those right and you’re half way there.

Ensure Stronger Returns

Remarkable talent want to be remarkable parents. Enable that journey and you’ll see big returns in culture, retention and performance. 

Create a Circular Parent Journey

Step into employer excellence with a journey-centred approach to talent becoming parents that will create a positive ripple effect throughout the business.

Empower Your Teams

Ensuring that line managers know how to have those policy, process and person-centred conversations will fuel engagement.

Protect Your Brand

Looking after your talent = building your brand. Innovating in the space is building your business future.


Maternity & other forms of leave are a fraction of the long-term value of a talented employee. Retention is one thing, progression is another.