professional success as a parent is built on more than luck..

Well, hey! Welcome to Talent On Leave. We’re a consultancy and coaching practice specialising in. maternity and parental leave engagement.

Very simply, what we were looking for didn’t exist. And so here we are. We’re creating and pioneering in the most common sense of ways, with the most effective use of spend and with deep, deep insight that improves the experiences of maternity, paternity and parental leave for businesses and talent alike. 

Want to come with us?

a manifesto with mission 




Talent on Leave is built on the need for BIG shifts in the way we support and engage expectant parents from career to baby and back again. For talent to TRULY gain from flexible working, generous leave policies and progression opportunities, they have to feel up to making it work.

That means looking at the detail as well as the outline.

It means talking about the stuff we’ve skirted around in the past:

The preparation for leave, the reality of the physiology and the psychological shift into being responsible for another tiny human, the lack of community support, the struggling NHS, the complex and heightened expectations, the disappointment when what is sold as having it all often feels like failure.

Businesses want talent to return and progress but there’s a wellness barrier preventing it from truly happening.

“I’m so pleased I decided to go for it with Talent On Leave. From setting myself up to succeed with things I would never have thought of myself, to getting to know my default settings and how to override or put them to work, I actually can’t wait to get the new me back to work.”