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It takes energy to progress and grow professionally after maternity, paternity or parental leave. That energy is in short supply and so we have to be careful where it is being spent and what is leftover for future career hopes.

Here’s where that energy disappears…

 – Unintentional but nevertheless negative experiences in the workplace.

 – Missing conversations that could be the difference between fact and harmful assumption.

 – Attempting to have it all without the wellness, planning, mindset or support.

 – Adjusting to a new identity in the fog of the first year of parenthood.

 – Working out how to make work, well, work amidst the ever shifting landscape of parenthood. 

How about we create more energy instead of letting it slide away?

what’s the ROI on THAT?

Think of the parent talent in your organisation. Now think of someone who was really brilliant at their job and thought they wanted to continue their careers, but left. How much has that attrition cost the business? The UK average is £30k+ but the further up the talent pipeline you go, the bigger the loss. 

Brilliant engagement needn’t cost the earth but it will make your existing policies and benefits work much, much harder.

As well as our Group and 1:1 Talent Coaching, we breathe big thinking and new life into Parent Network Events, Policy Communication, Line Management Conversations, HR Processes and Parental Leave Programmes.

Better engagement. Better retention. Better progression.