“And if she told you to put your hand in scalding water, would you?”

My parents. Every time I danced to someone else’s tune.

I’ve realised lately that we’re all complicit in the structures and cultures that damage our society, that hold us back as businesses and as people. And it’s never really intentional, is it?

It’s simply not knowing. Race, gender, disability, trauma, mental ill health, loss, pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood. Now and again, a little insight might come your way and you might think “Mmmm, I hadn’t seen it like that before”.
Then life’s pace interrupts you and on you go, back into the automatic gears of conditioning without getting up close to it again until you have to.

Take pregnancy, mat leave, returning as a mother. SO many women feel underwhelmed with how it pans out. Why? Because we’re not getting up close enough. Because it’s sticky. Because this is the kind of stuff that triggers us to either puff up defensively or shrink back and leave it unchallenged. Because we’re reacting, not creating.

We have choices. As businesses and as talent.