That hash tag of the week hashtag#itsokaynottobeokay At first I thought, ‘this is brilliant” but I’ve sat with it for a few days now and felt we’re missing something in this conversation.

You see, admitting I was not ok way back when has been the making of me. Truly. Getting up close with anxiety and overwhelm has allowed me to learn SO much – about my ‘human-ness’ (I know, it’s probably not a word but hey ho).

And learning about that (avoiding saying the same made up word twice) has made me a better leader, mother, innovator. I also know it’s an ongoing work because as soon as I nail one insight, I’m on the path to living and learning a new one. Also very human.

I know that bad things happen. I used to think I could fix that – both for me and for everyone around me – now I know to accept some events and to work on lightening the load, not sugar coating them (for myself and for clients).

Most of all, I know that to see the trees for the woods, to be effective, to think my best thoughts, I need to SLLLLOOOOWWWW down.

So yeah, it IS okay to not be okay. But once you’re ready, once you’ve talked, it’s A HELL OF A LOT MORE FUN to really see it as your superpower.