Dear Meghan,

There is an invisible work that nobody else sees in new motherhood but that is the making of your future self.

You’re in it right now. Every mother who saw your interview saw it in your eyes before the words even left your mouth.

There’s this moment postnatally where your values, beliefs, conditioning and personality collide with your circumstances. It’s a moment that needs space to think and talk, the freedom to try things out and the opportunity to choose your own path.

It happens a lot to high achievers.

We are forced to question everything we thought we knew about ourselves as we consolidate what we wanted with what we think is possible. There are stories we tell ourselves that we don’t have the energy to investigate fully on our own and often don’t have the words to articulate to anyone else.

Your collision is way bigger than most because you’re part of a way bigger thing with way bigger norms and expectations.

And it’s harder now than ever because, well, a baby.

The media has always been there. It will always be there.

Except you are no longer Meghan Markle the actor, or fashion influencer. You are a new mother figuring out her new role. The stakes are higher, it feels way more personal and it brings out the mama bear in you, the fight or flight.

And this. You can’t let the media detract you from the work in you that you know has to be done. It’s such an amazing opportunity for growth and there aren’t any shortcuts that can be bought. Nor will it go away when you hold the press to account.

And so now you have a choice.

You can let this define your experience and your future self. Or you can see it as a period of phenomenal growth and lean into it more closely.

What’s really happening between the headlines?


With big love,

Talent on Leave