Five professional women, all mothers bar one, at a long-arranged coffee catch up. All of us in good roles, all of our children well, all have enjoyed a summer holiday.

And the first topic of conversation? Overwhelm. Our friend with no children asks, “Why, when you are exactly (finally) where you all wanted to be, are you so dissatisfied?” Good question.

Guilt – because we are constantly reminded by the media of the ways we are supposedly failing our children and that’s not what we set out to create.

Frustration – because we have been told for years how we can ‘have it all’ but we’ve not yet met anyone who truly thinks they do because perfection is a made-up thing.

Imposter Syndrome – because we do not make the time to recognise what we HAVE done and spend too much time looking at what we have not. See points 1 & 2 above.

Playing Small – because even though we are actually already knocking it out of the park in human capacity terms, we fear falling over.

The common thread? Insane expectations of daily life that are holding us back in the bigger picture.

You CAN have it all. But you need to choose what YOUR all is. Then you need to create YOUR system to make it happen. THEN you can be brilliant everywhere you damn well choose.