I mean, what actually is it? Who decides what perfect looks like in any given scenario?

I’ve always been a classic high bar setter. I love a list and damn if I don’t get it all done, I feel disappointed in myself. I love order. I love solving a problem with care, detail and thought. I love turning a bad situation into a good one. I love turning a good one into a fantastic one. I love finding potential and watching it grow.

The thing is, I always expected more of myself than of anybody around me, and more than anybody around me expected of me.

The thing about perfection is for it to be real, it has to be achieved at some point.

I took perfect to new levels. To such levels in fact that not even (insert deity name of your choice) could achieve them.

And then I got stuck. 7lb 3oz chaotic newborn baby stuck. Because if I couldn’t be 100% perfect at everything, who even was I?

Fast forward to baby number three and the penny dropped. Perfectionism was just my ego playing tricks on me. I didn’t get back to my career as strong as I was before because I believed I couldn’t.

The work began. How’s perfectionism holding you back right now?!