We just got shortlisted as a finalist in Scotland’s GBEA Disruptor of the Year category!

We like to call it positive disruption. Formerly known as innovation. But when progress has been slow in the category up until now, disruption is a fair description.

Is maternity coaching new? Nope. London are ahead of the game.

Is our approach new? Damn right it is.

Here’s what we’re doing differently.

We lived the maternity leave challenges first, then tooled up to improve them in every possible way. We’re disrupting because we’ve seen the transformation that is possible first hand.

We are the first to understand and respond to the link between maternal experience, wellbeing and ambition to progress and we’re doing something about it where employers’ hands are currently tied.

We are the only consultancy in the UK to bring together different disciplines to create a combined approach that first creates readiness to engage, then supports that engagement.

We are the only coaching consultancy in the UK working IN the parental leave gap, as well as around it, where big life and career altering decisions are being made.

We’re collaborators. We’re currently building our network to ensure we are complimenting what else is out there and making the space bigger and better together.

We will be active campaigners for parental mental health, both in the workplace, and in the NHS.

That’s just for starters.

This Feels Good!

Is recognition of our efforts such a big deal? Well, if we hadn’t got shortlisted, it certainly would NOT have stopped us. But you know what? It’s nice when a group of very clever and established leaders in their own right take a look at your business and see that it can truly make a difference.

It means we’re getting the word out, that we can serve more people, that we can help more businesses, that we can create remarkable progress in the world.

So yes, we’re a little bit chuffed.

Want Some of our Magical Maternity Leave Disruption?

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